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Reinventing Work co-founder Mark Eddleston has collated his favourite self-management & new ways of working resources.


  1. Self-Organising 101, Lisa Gill
  2. The OS Canvas - A tool for reinventing your organization, Aaron Dignan
  3. 10 Lessons Learned From Implementing Self-Management, Corporate Rebels
  4. Self-Management - 7 Challenges & Potential Solutions, Peerdom
  5. 11 Practical Steps Towards Healthy Power Dynamics at Work, Richard Bartlett
  6. The 8 Habits of Companies You Wish You Worked For, Corporate Rebels
  7. Self-Management - Common Mistakes, Simon Mont
  8. Why Reinvent Work, Mark Eddleston


  1. A self-managing nuclear submarine - if a nuclear sub can do it, any team can!
  2. Brave New Work Google Talk, Aaron Dignan - a summary of an awesome book
  3. Self-management playlist - compiled by Mark Eddleston (coming soon)
  4. Meaning Conference talks - from inspiring people who believe in better business
  5. Insights for the Journey - a generous video series from Frederik Laloux


  1. Brave New Work, Aaron Dignan
  2. Reinventing Organisations, Frederik Laloux (the illustrated version is best)
  3. Better Work Together, Susan Basterfield & Anthony Cabraal (Enspiral)
  4. Going Horizontal, Samantha Slade
  5. Sociocracy 3.0 - A Practical Guide, (free) J Priest, B Bockelbrink & L David
  6. Corporate Rebels: Make work more fun, Joost Minnaar & Pim de Morree


  1. Leadermorphosis - exploring self-management & progressive org's, these are a gift!
  2. Rich Decibels on 'Teal' (first 33 mins)
  3. Team Human interviews Enspiral (starts at 14 mins)
  4. Brave New Work - podcast series from The Ready

Patterns found in self-managing organisations

  1. Trust - this whole thing is built on trust
  2. Purpose - and it's made easier with purpose
  3. Listening - without listening it is impossible
  4. Learning - don't stop. Only open, curious minds make reinventing work possible
  5. Distributed decision-making - e.g. the advice process (there are other methods)
  6. Transparency - without this you can't distribute decision-making & authority
  7. Feedback - growing a feedback culture is critical to your self-management journey
  8. Conflict - this ain't easy, there will be difficult conversations ahead (see NVC & DESC below)
  9. Teamwork - we can do this, but only together
  10. Experiments - the only way to reinvent work

Tools used by self-managing organisations

  1. Liberating Structures - neutralise power, distribute control & practice listening
  2. A user manual for me - help to build good teams & working relationships
  3. Retrospectives - dedicated time to learn & improve
  4. The Atlassian Team Playbook - heaps of cool tools
  5. Non-violent communication (NVC) - you'll need this for feedback & conflict
  6. DESC - a helpful approach to difficult conversations
  7. Random Retros - A great selection of retrospective formats curated by experienced coaches

Tech used by self-managing organisations

  1. Slack - for team comm's
  2. Trello - for planning, projects & collaborating
  3. Loomio - for distrbuted decision making
  4. Google Docs & Google Drive - for sharing & collaborating in the cloud
  5. Gitbook - for your working agreements & handbook
  6. Ears - for listening. The most important component of all