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Be a part of a community that's practising new ways of working

If you’re energised by our purpose and new ways of working then welcome, no application necessary.

We'd love your support in organising, growing, and strengthening the Reinventing Work community, and also to support you in making work better where you are.

You can get involved by:

    • Attending a local chapter - these are listed on our home page.

    • Starting a local chapter - if we don't meet where you live you can start a chapter. Here's how.

    • Joining our Slack community of over 1,000 reinventors - this is where discussion takes place, connections are made and decisions take place.

    • Writing for our Medium publication.

Roles you can play:

    • Reinventor - joins local/online meetups and/or contributes to our projects remotely.

    • Co-organiser - helps to organise meetups and bring reinventors together, either locally or online.

    • Catalyst - helps to grow and strengthen the global Reinventing Work community.

    • Brand Steward - ensures projects and ideas looking for Reinventing Work brand alignment are considered thoroughly, are a great fit, and are mutually beneficial.

Take a look at our Handbook for more guidance on getting involved and how we work.