Learn new ways of working. Unlearn old ways of working.

Co-founder Mark Eddleston has collated the best resources he knows to help you to make work better. Each class is around 90 minutes and covers a blend of new ways of working and mindsets. There will be over 30 in total. There is no hurry or test, so you can learn at your own pace. The important thing is to practice and experiment with learnings in your workplace. I hope you enjoy!

Each class contains:

  • A Leadermorphesis podcast: hosted by Lisa Gill who explores self-management and progressive organisations.
  • A Corporate Rebels blog: knowledge, thought, practical advice, and examples of org's working in new ways.
  • Laloux insights video: insights from the author of the seminal new ways of working book, Reinventing Organisations.
  • A Liberating Structure: a practical tool that you can take back to work and experiment with, tomorrow.
  • Mark's pick: a talk that has inspired Reinventing Work co-founder, Mark Eddleston.

You are then encouraged to go and try what you learned at work.

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