Reinventing Work

Making work better, one place at a time.

Reinventing Work is a global grassroots movement of people who want to learn and practise new, more human-centred ways of working that are better suited to our complex world. Our purpose is to make work better.

We have meetups worldwide where 'reinventers' get together to explore trends found in self-organising teams and progressive organisations, to share practical advice and experiences, and to discuss how we put it into practice in our own organisations. You can read more about us here.


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Where Next?

More and more chapters are emerging and we'd love you to start one where you live. You don't need our permission, and we'll help you as much as we can. We have guidance for starting a new chapter, and you can contact Mark for a chat.


Because work isn't working for too many people. Globally, 85% of us are disengaged at work and half of us here in the UK prefer a pay cut to our manager. Together, we need to change this.


If only there was a one size fits all way to put that stat right. That's not the case, however there are patterns and practices found in organisations that have successfully reinvented the way that they work. Head over to our Academy to learn about these.

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Come say hello and seek advice in the global Reinventing Work Slack. We're also on Twitter and we blog at Medium.