Reinventing Work

A playground for #newwaysofworking.

Reinventing Work exists to provide a playground & community for people interested in progressive & new ways of working.

We exchange ideas, blog, meet and above all - we practise! 

We invite you to join our Slack community, everyone is welcome. We're also on Twitter and we blog on Medium.


As well as online, Reinventing Work has in-person Meetups in:

London, Bristol, and Bath.

The online Slack community has good representation from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal and USA. 

We'd love you to start a local chapter where you live. You don't need our permission, and we'll help you as much as we can. We have guidance for starting a new chapter, and you can reach out on Slack for help.


For too many people, work isn't working. Globally, 85% of us are disengaged at work and half of UK employees prefer a pay cut to our manager. Together, we need to change this. 


While there’s no single solution, there are patterns and practices found in organisations that have successfully reinvented the way that they work. Reach out and our community will be happy to share.